Most Popular Thank God TODAY – All Time

Most Popular Thank God TODAY - All Time

  1. “At the end of the day all I can do is thank God and know its part of His plan.” – The mother 248 views
  2. “Thank you Lord! We are so incredibly grateful to all the doctors and nurses that have provided excellent care to Aimee.” – Mac Powell [#ThankYouLord] 26 views
  3. “Be patient, don’t cry, don’t worry. But thank God for everything.” – Lawan Andimi, Church of the Brethren in Nigeria pastor in Adamawa [#ThankGodForEverything] 24 views
  4. “We need more people like him. I was so happy. It’s a blessing that he’s back. I thank God for listening to our prayers.” – Bobby Ramirez [#IThankGod] 20 views
  5. “Thank God that their gun got jammed. I’m alive by the mercy of God.” – Miguel Castro [#ImAlive #ByTheMercyOfGod #MercyOfGod] 16 views
  6. First and foremost, I’d like to thank God for this amazing opportunity – Whop Philyor [#IdLikeToThankGod #LikeToThankGod] 15 views
  7. “Absolutely, 100 percent, so relieved. My first thought was thank God he was arrested.” – Jody Russo [#MyFirstThought #FirstThought] 10 views
  8. Gene Haynes was very grateful: “He is my guardian angel. Just thank God for this man right here.” [#JustThankGod] 10 views
  9. “I thank God that there were no injuries” – Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria [#IThankGod #MaryFranson] 9 views
  10. “In that moment I couldn’t help but thank God enough that at least they were alive.” – Miguel Lerma [#ButThankGod #ThankGod] 8 views
  11. “Thank God that everything turned out, that we’re okay, and materialistic things can be replaced.” – Darden homeowner Beth Tulley [#WereOkay] 8 views
  12. “We also thank God for putting Jack Wilson in that church that day to bring the attack to an end.” – Texas governor Greg Abbott [#WeThankGod #WeAlsoThankGod] 8 views
  13. “There has been a lot of damage around here, but I just thank God for what He’s done for us.” – Betty Purser [#IJustThankGod #JustThankGod] 8 views
  14. “He sees where the wrong has been made right, and I thank God for that.” – Clifford Williams Jr. [#IThankGodForThat #ThankGodForThat] 8 views
  15. “First of all, I would like to thank God for blessing me with the abilities that brought me the opportunity.” – Cole Hussung [#LikeToThankGod #ToThankGod] 8 views
  16. “It took 43 years to get out, but thank God we kept living because a lot of people have died who were innocent.” – Clifford Williams [#ButThankGod] 7 views
  17. “We thank you (Dr. Gray) and today we honor and praise him and thanking God first of all…” – Reggie Moore [#ThankingGod] 7 views
  18. “I thank God for His grace on our city this day and every day. At the end of the day, everyone wants to go home safely. Today, that happened.” – Julian A. McTizic [#IThankGod] 7 views
  19. “First off, I would like to thank God for every blessing…” – Da’Qon Stewart [#FirstOff #ForEveryBlessing #EveryBlessing] 6 views
  20. “We’re okay and thank God for that we’re okay; this can be replaced.” – Kim Briggs [#WereOkay #ThankGod #ThankGodForThat] 6 views
  21. “It landed on the kids bunk beds, and thank God they’re not here.” – Daniel Addison [#ItLanded #TheReNotHere #NotHere] 6 views
  22. “We thank God for taking our mother peacefully home!” – Mrs. Rose A. Nosko’s children [#WeThankGod #PeacefullyHome #TitusvilleFlorida] 6 views
  23. “It wasn’t an easy process, but I thank God we made it, thank you, Jesus.” – Tomika Richardson [#IThankGod #ThankYouJesus] 6 views
  24. “Players get down on their knees to thank God after each game. Go Bison.” – Gene Sloan [#ToThankGod #GoBison] 6 views
  25. “I’m shaken. I thank God for Mrs. Christine’s team, and I thank God for Little and Mr. Jackson.” – Janet McGee [#ImShaken #IThankGod] 6 views
  26. “They called 911, my neighbor did, they did some compressions and he started breathing again. I thank God for that.” – Lidia Godinez, Leo Diaz’s wife [#IThankGod] 6 views
  27. “Every morning is a blessing, I truly thank God for giving me another chance and sparing my life.” – Pastor Kenny Baldwin [#ITrulyThankGod #TrulyThankGod] 6 views
  28. “All I said last night was, Thank you God, thank you God,’ I was just screaming thank you God the whole way.” – Cheryl Castleberry [#ThankYouGod] 6 views
  29. “Thank God that a car wasn’t coming down the street. It would have killed somebody. Thank God the kids were still in school.” – Bob Kurek 5 views
  30. “Thank God he had that game because it could have been something different.” – Katrina Pitts 5 views
  31. “It’s real scary. You ain’t got time to do hardly nothing when it comes. I just thank God we made it out of there.” – Mr. Jimmie Lee Colson [#IJustThankGod #JustThankGod] 5 views
  32. Governor Udom Emmanuel thanks God for granting his wife, Martha, good health and vitality at the golden age of 50 [#ThanksGod] 5 views
  33. “The surgery was curative, praise the Lord!” – Priscilla Shirer [#PraiseTheLord] 5 views
  34. “I truly thank God that He spared my life.” – Barbara Ann West [#ITrulyThankGod #TrulyThankGod] 5 views
  35. “Every day is a better day. Joseph had a wonderful night’s sleep and [is] still fever free. Thank you God!” – Sabrina Bostain [#ThankYouGod] 5 views
  36. “I thank God for my wife. If it hadn’t been for her, I would have been gone. I am telling y’all, I would have been gone.” – Joshua McConico [#IThankGod] 5 views
  37. “I thank God for another day and thank God for a wonderful wife. I pray to keep my children safe.” – Kevin Warren [#IThankGod #ThankGodForAnotherDay] 4 views
  38. “I just thank God, thank God. If it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t be here, me and my wife.” – Sylvester Johnson [#IJustThankGod #JustThankGod] 4 views
  39. “I thank God that I overcame my fear to fight.” – Roswell gas station clerk [#IThankGod] 4 views
  40. “Thank God, she was safe. Thank God, she’s home, and she’s OK.” – neighbor Maria Ramirez [#SheWasSafe #ShesHome #ShesOK] 4 views
  41. “It’s a beautiful day. I just thank God it finally happened.” – Theophalis Wilson’s mother, Kim Wilson [#PerfectStorm #IJustThankGod #JustThankGod] 4 views
  42. “We thank God that no one was injured and nothing was stolen.” – First United Methodist Church of Freehold, New Jersey Pastor Wil Wilson [#WeThankGod] 4 views
  43. “So I thank God every day that I’ve got one more day with no chemo and no pain and no cancer.” – Dianne Weidman [#SoIThankGod #IThankGod] 4 views
  44. “When I get up during the day I thank God for another day and I live. I don’t focus on dying. If you focus on dying you’re going to drive yourself insane.” – Greg Groce 4 views
  45. “I’m just grateful to be a servant of God, and I’m looking forward to being in his presence, and I thank you.” – Nicholas Todd Sutton 4 views
  46. ‘Thank you God that I’m still here to remember this day,’ – Tricia Gilles | We thank God for that.” – Darrell Gilles 4 views
  47. “I thank God for being here today. I thank my support system.” – Taylor [#IThankGod] 4 views
  48. “I want to thank God and all the coaching staff that was with me through all the hard times.” – Leroy King III [#IWantToThankGod #WantToThankGod] 4 views
  49. “I thank God for using me to find the cure to a disease that is already threatening to wipe out the whole earth.” – Prof. Joseph Akpa [#IThankGod #JosephAkpa] 4 views
  50. “I thank God for a life that was well-lived, a life that touched so many, and I thank God for the opportunity to serve as pastor.” – Reverend Jay Augustine [#IThankGod] 4 views
  51. “I thank God for Jesus, for Him saving my life and giving me another chance because two or three times where I have given up, God said no.” – Barbara Killiebrew [#IThankGod] 4 views
  52. “I just want to say that I love them and I know they love me, and I love them even more. I thank God for what they are doing.” – Judy Hall [#IJustThankGod #JustThankGod] 4 views
  53. “Thank you, Jesus. Lord God, I thank you. I’ve asked for this day.” – Cyntwanisha Marshall [#ThankYouJesus #LordGodIThankYou #IThankYou] 4 views
  54. “God, I thank you for the protection of the military, and even though we would like for there to be peace, You said that there would be wars … ” – Stephanie Oden [#GodIThankYou] 4 views
  55. “Thank God, this wasn’t warm, and the mother had protected the baby from the elements.” – Rabbi Yisroel Kahan 3 views
  56. “I thank God every day that I’m with her. That I’m able to spend the day with her.” – Liana Albers [#IThankGod ##ThankGodEveryDay] 01/24 3 views
  57. “I thank God for you each and every day. You are truly our miracle baby!!! Mommy loves you!” – Carrie Underwood [#IThankGod #CarrieUnderwood] 01/24 3 views
  58. “I have no problems. Thank God. I depend on God to keep me going. I do a lot of praying. I’ve got to be thankful.” – Arthur “Benny” Benedetto [#IDependOnGod] 3 views
  59. “We thank God for everything we have. But mostly, it’s going to be a lot of fun.” – Rabbi Haas [#WeThankGod #TuBishvat #JewishEarthDay] 3 views
  60. “I thank God that whatever voice it was, she paid attention to it.” – Chet Bennett [#IThankGod] 3 views
  61. “I said, ‘Thank you, God,’ because, in my 30 years, I hadn’t lost a student.” – Elaine Murphy [#ThankYouGod] 3 views
  62. “I just thank God that she came on over. She always leaves the house, but tonight I’m very thankful to God that she came out.” – Sherwanda Gaines 3 views
  63. “It could have been so much worse, it could have been. But thank God that it wasn’t.” – Stacie Dunn [#ButThankGod] 3 views
  64. “I thank God every day for the peace I have found here.” – Bill Williamson [#IThankGod] 3 views
  65. “I thank God and the doctors that I am here today. I believe in miracles.” – Beau Edwards 3 views
  66. “I thank God for putting me there at that time to help Mr. Hickman.” – Lt. Edward Ryer 3 views
  67. “I truly thank God for blessing me to serve as pastor of this great church for more than 50 years.” – Guy Campbell Jr. [#TrulyThankGod] 3 views
  68. “I want to thank God Almighty for intuition and knowledge and also for the safety of my teammates.” – Amarachukwu Allison [#IWantToThankGod] 3 views
  69. “First, I would like to thank God for blessing me with this opportunity.” – Mac McClung [#IWouldLikeToThankGod #WouldLikeToThankGod #LikeToThankGod] 3 views
  70. “And thank God — thank God — that was not the case.” – Chief of Police Al Walker [#AndThankGod] 3 views
  71. “I’m emotional, I almost lost my kids and my grandkids, they mean the world to me. But thank God they’re alive, they’re alive.” – James Clay [#ButThankGod] 3 views
  72. “It’s so emotional. It’s like I can’t believe I’m going home that day, like a dream come true, and I thank God for that.” – Tamashri Maharana [#IThankGodForThat #IThankGod] 3 views
  73. “They had a speedy recovery and they’re back home with family and friends and we just really thank God for that.” – niece Armisha Johnson [#ThankGodForThat] 3 views
  74. “By the grace of God, I will be together with my wife and children and colleagues. Don’t cry, don’t worry, but thank God for everything.” – Pastor Lawan Andimi 2 views
  75. “It really wasn’t that bad. I thought it would have been worse, but it isn’t. Thank God for that” – Patrick Raymond, Massena, New York resident [#ThankGodForThat] 2 views
  76. “I thank God for choosing me to do it with Him. It’s a blessing from God to be called to do this work.” – Rev. Capt. Edward Klassy Hall [#IThankGod #BlessingFromGod] 2 views
  77. “I thank God for that, I think He had a hand in that.” – Anna Garbade [#IThankGodForThat #IThankGod] 2 views
  78. “We just thank God for those opportunities.” – Wetumpka Mayor Jerry Willis [#WeJustThankGod #JustThankGod] 2 views
  79. “I thank the good Lord because they wouldn’t have survived.” – Tom Heppell [#IThankTheGoodLord #ThankTheGoodLord] 2 views
  80. “Praise God for the hedge of protection He placed around our Deputy today as he was hit by a jackknifed tractor-trailer on I-85.” – Janis Mangum [#PraiseGod] 01/25 2 views
  81. “Thank God there wasn’t anybody inside.” – Darrell Young, deacon at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Lower Valley [#LowerValley] 2 views
  82. “Yes, thank God.” – Arnettie Morton, talking about how everyone is safe [#YesThankGod] 2 views
  83. “We can only continue to thank God and praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the awesome deliverance of so many of us.” – Mr Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President, Nigeria 2 views
  84. “I thank God our people were OK, that they were able to get out of the way in time.” – Duval GOP Chairman Dean Black [#IThankGod] 2 views
  85. “I just thank God I’m alive.” – Jeremiah Cribb [#IJustThankGod #JustThankGod #ImAlive] 2 views
  86. “I’m just thankful and I thank God for everything He’s done.” – Norman Gundrum [#IThankGod #IThankGodForEverything] 2 views
  87. “But we are moving on from there and we thank God for it.” – Wes Conner, Pastor at Mt. Zion Baptist Church [#WeThankGod] 2 views
  88. “Just thank God I was able to help her.” – Marina Davis [#JustThankGod] 2 views
  89. Former Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, Gboribiogha Jonah – thankful to God for sparing his life [#ThankfulToGod] 2 views
  90. “I just thank God my grandson is OK.” – Naomi Bartley [#IJustThankGod #JustThankGod] 2 views
  91. “Thank God there are people like you,” and “We couldn’t do it without you.” – colorful signs by community members at St. Louis, Missouri 2 views
  92. “We thank God for healthcare workers.” – Colorful posters are greeting Bronson Battle Creek Hospital, Battle Creek, Michigan staff [#WeThankGod] 2 views
  93. “I just thank God that nobody lost their life.” – Debbie Barber [#IJustThankGod #JustThankGod] 2 views
  94. “Be good to one another, life is so important to live right, and thank God for us being alive. Because all good things come from Him.” – Paul Buker [#AndThankGod #ThankGodForUs] 2 views
  95. “I’m thanking God. I mean… very fortunate to be alive.” – Granger Hughes [#ImThankingGod #ThankingGod] 2 views
  96. “Above all, I want to thank God for this blessing! I also want to thank my family, coaches, and teammates for being so supportive.” – Jordyn Brown [#IWantToThankGod #WantToThankGod #JordynBrown] 2 views
  97. “I thank God there was nobody hurt, and I thank God because, right now, there’s so much craziness going.” – Tomicha Rogers [#AndIThankGod] 2 views
  98. “I thank God every day that we are in the position that we’re in right now.” – Charlene Clark [#IThankGodEveryDay] 2 views
  99. “I give thanks to God all the time because I’m able to talk and be here alive.” – Hedley Rivera [#IGiveThanksToGod #ThanksToGod] 2 views
  100. “It would have been bad, but thank God we’re all alive and well.” – Belle Childers [#ButThankGod] 2 views
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